How to Grow a Greener and Thicker Lawn?

‘Oh lord, where have you been?

Make my lawn lush and green!

Hint me an easy trick,

To grow my grass healthy and thick!’

I bet this is every homeowner’s prayer to god! But growing a healthy lawn requires more than your prayers. You need to put real efforts to grow greener and thicker lawn. Well, you can achieve your lawn goals by following a few simple steps. Discussed here are 3 steps to grow a thick lawn and 3 practices to keep it healthy-

3 Steps to grow thicker lawn-

Fertilize –

Lawn grass and soil require nutrients for healthy growth. However, due to excessive sunlight and rainfall, the nutrients might drain away completely. Therefore, fertilization is a critical step for growing a thicker lawn.

Fertilizers will nourish the grass and soil by providing nutrients. Moreover, it will also prevent the leaching of nutrients. 

Over-seed –

Over-seeding will cover the thin grass and dead patches of a lawn. It will make your lawn appear lusher, thicker and healthier. Routine over-seeding will help you get your dream lawn.

Make sure you choose a grass which survives in the climatic condition of your region.

Water –

Post over-seeding, it is mandatory to water your lawn. Watering provides moisture to the soil which encourage the germination of seeds. This, in turn, will result in healthy grass growth.

However, make sure to water in a timed manner. Morning and evening hours will boost the moisture level of the soil. If you water the lawn during noon, the moisture will get evaporated which will further expose the grass to insects attacks.

2 Practices to keep a lawn healthy-

Mow –

Mowing is the best practice implemented in lawn maintenance. If you don’t mow the lawn, the grass will overgrow and create an unsightly appearance. Besides, it will also damage the grass and promote weed growth. Therefore, after growing a lush lawn, mow it regularly.

Remember, always cut the grass to one-third of the original length. Also, use sharp blades while mowing.

De-Weed –

Weeds rob grass of nutrients, sunlight, and moisture. They have the capability of overtaking the entire lawn within a few weeks. It is, therefore, recommended to control weeds as soon as possible. This action will retain the health of your lawn and keep it lush and green for a long time!

If you are struggling with lawn growth, don’t hesitate to seek professional help!

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How First Time Homebuyers can Take Care of Their Lawn?

Home ownership can be a tricky job, especially for first-time home-owners! From plumbing to lawn maintenance, home-owners have to look after everything.

People who have never dabbled into yard care can get highly overwhelmed by responsibility. Well, to be honest, don’t fret! Lawn care might seem demanding initially.

However, by following these simple tricks you can get lush lawn rapidly. If you have more suggestions, just leave a comment below or mail me at

Tips for lawn maintenance-

Plant in a careful manner-

Aeration improves nutrients, oxygen supply, and water movement. Prior to planting new grass, aerate the soil.

Thereafter, spread the seeds evenly and cover it with a light layer of soil. After spreading seeds, water the soil for healthy growth.

Add fertilizers-

Adding fertilizers will improve the nutrient quality of the soil. This action will promote healthy grass growth. Distribute the fertilizer evenly throughout the yard.

It is advisable to spread fertilizers from late September to early November and from April to early June.

Remove shrubs and weeds-

Shrubs and weeds can wreak havoc in your lush lawn. If left unattended, your lawn will soon become a weedy mess.

Therefore, remove weeds and shrubs as soon as possible.

You can use conventional methods to remove weed or seek professional help!

Mow regularly-

Overgrown grass makes a lawn appear unsightly. Therefore, it is very crucial to mow the lawn regularly.

Make sure to cut the grass one-third of its original height. You can call a professional lawn mower for help.

Water the lawn-

Watering helps in healthy grass growth. But how much is too much? It is important to water the lawn in a timed manner. Do not water in the afternoon.

It is advisable to water in the morning and in the evening. You can also deep water the lawn once every week instead of watering every single day!

What happens if the Grass in Your Lawn Grow too Long?

Leaving the grass unattended for a while can cause several problems. If you skip mowing for a certain period, the grass in your lawn is susceptible to heavy damage. Here are 4 major reasons why you shouldn’t let the mower sit idly-

Difficulty while mowing the lawn –

Tall grass is very difficult to mow!

It is very difficult to mow tall grass. It could ravage a brand new mower. The mowing equipment is subjected to heavy stress while cutting tall grass. There can be unexpected damage such as broken blades, clogged components, and damaged wheels. Moreover, forceful mowing can even blow out the machine engine. Therefore, mowing is a critical task and should be performed on a regular basis.  

Unattractive appearance –

Tall turf makes the lawn appear unattractive.

Tall grass makes a lawn appear unattractive. If you are planning to sell your house, no buyer would admire a lawn with longer turf. If you skip mowing for longer periods, the grass might look more like weeds. Since lawn maintenance is an important aspect of curb appeal, it is, thus, very crucial to cut the grass at regular intervals. Remember, many states have mandatory lawn maintenance laws. If you don’t maintain the lawn, the government could slap you with a penalty fee.

Grass becomes weaker –

Weaker grass is susceptible to more damage.

As we know, regular mowing promotes healthy grass growth. However, if you miss lawn mowing, the grass might grow unhealthy. It gets weaker since the force required to mow tall grass is very high. To restore the grass in its original state, you may need to irrigate or add more fertilizers.

Bugs and Insects Infestation –

Bugs can create more nuisance in lawn.

Weaker grass is more susceptible to bugs or rodents infestation. Many insects camp in such tall grass. If you accidentally step on them, it might aggravate the creature more, thus creating more nuisance. Therefore, lawn mowing is the most essential task to be performed in lawn maintenance.

Hopefully, these reasons will compel you to mow your lawn regularly. Do you have more reasons why not to let lawn grass grow too long? Share in the comment section below by leaving a comment or drop a mail at

How to Improve Landscape of Your Home?

Landscaping add value to a property.

Is your home the dirt-bag of your neighborhood? Overgrown lawn, clogged gutters & downspouts, and moldy hardscape are the hot gossips of your neighbors? Well, we all have been there! It’s about time to realize the importance of landscaping. Landscaping greatly improves the street appeal of a house. Now you can improve the landscaping of your home by following a few simple steps. Keep reading to learn more:

Make the turf greener: One of the major steps of improving the landscape of your home is making the grass greener. If the turf is brown, the curb appeal will reduce significantly. Add fertilizers and water the turf regularly to get greener grass.

Paint the door: Consider painting the front door of the house. Dressing the door with a contrasting color will make the landscaping more appealing.

Revitalize the old mulch: Old mulch will make the landscape appear dull and unattractive. Try to refresh the mulch using easy-to-use mulch spray. Mulch spray comes in black, brown and red color. Spray the color accordingly and make sure not to stain hardscapes.

Clean hardscapes: Moldy hardscapes can become an eyesore in a beautiful lawn. Hence, it is prudent to clean the hardscapes from mold or mildew. Use mold cleansers to scrub the mold and rinse it off with water.

Snip shrubs and trees: Overgrown trees and shrubs block your home’s visage. Trim tree branches and shrubs to make the entry more visible. Also, remove any plantings or trim the shrubs for an attractive driveway.

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4 Tips To Maintain A Healthy Lawn During Summer

Summer is right around the corner. Perhaps, some of you have already started with summer care regime. Well, don’t get too self-involved! Look around, your lawn might be crying for some help! The green turf will eventually turn brown if you fail to provide proper lawn care. Warmer months call for extra attention to your feeble lawn. Now, you can boast a lush lawn during summer season with few simple strategies. Read following tips to prevent baking your lawn in scorching summer heat:

  1. Water Much: Consistent watering is the ultimate key to a green lawn. Use a pipe hose or water sprinkles to water the grass every day. Either way, you can consider deep watering once or twice a week. The most appropriate time to water a lawn is 5 am in the morning. You can set the sprinklers for automated watering. Watering is a crucial step towards lawn maintenance.
  2. Keep Feeding: With proper nourishment, the grass will grow thick and dense green. Feed the lawn regularly with turf foods for proper growth and nourishment. Note that a well fed grass will overcrowd weeds and cool the soil to handle extreme heat. Therefore, don’t stop and keep feeding until rain arrives.
  3. Don’t cut the grass too short: Mow high to allow the grass grow longer. Grass with longer roots will have enough reach to get moisture on hot summer days. Set the mower on highest settings and start mowing the lawn. Also as per standard law, the grass length should be around 2 to 2 1/2 inches long. You can also consult a professional for lawn mowing.
  4. Look for grubs: Grubs control will make your lawn healthy and free from dead patches. Grubs have a tendency to rob a lawn’s natural color and turn it into a brown dead land. Go for an effective grub control fertilizer and spread it evenly on the entire lawn.

These simple lawn care tips will help you have a lush lawn all summer.